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Here's the stuff we got from other teams, in one place for easy access and to admire it all together!
Thanks everybody!

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WELCOME! I see you're interested in Team Miki/Miyahara!
If you're a SASO team veteran looking to chill, a former grandstander looking for a tighter group, or a first-year shipper passionate about pedals, we'll be a great fit!

Our goals for this summer are about producing work at our own pace rather than trying to outgun any other team, so they're based on the SASO scoring system:
  • collectively make enough prompts each bonus round to max out the team's prompt points (10 prompts between all of us, no problem)
  • collectively make enough fills each bonus round to hit the first soft point cap (20 fills between all of us. I also don't care if we don't hit this)
  • complete and submit an entry for each main round
The aim of setting group benchmarks is to REDUCE the pressure on individual team members; in the past I've been able hit 20 BR fills a round myself so please don't let the numbers deter you. My policy is that team members' real life always comes first!

I'm also looking for a vice captain! Your official duties will include posting our entries to the main round comms if I am unable to. (It's very unlikely, but you might want to factor in your schedule around MR closing dates just in case). Your unofficial duties include yelling excitedly and making better memes than me.


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